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Swoop Exchange is the best place for optimal swaps across chains

Best Prices

Aggregating the Aggregators, Bridges, and Liquidity—on-chain, cross-chain, and off-chain

Swoop Exchange is a Meta-DEX and Bridge Aggregator that automatically sources, ranks and routes quotes from the best DEX Aggregators and Bridges, ensuring the best prices for on-chain and cross-chain swaps.

Open Ocean
Kyber Network
Trader Joe

The widest access

  • 450,000+ Tokens
  • 7+ Aggregators
  • 13+ Bridges
  • 50+ DEXs
  • 280+ Liquidity Sources
  • 16+ Blockchains
  • AMM and RFQ execution

Automatically find the Best Rates without any manual effort.

Swap across 16 EVM blockchains for greater liquidity.

Enjoy high security by using official API's and contracts.

Optimize Execution via on-chain liquidity and RFQ liquidity.

Accurately predict gas costs before you perform a swap.

Combine swapping, bridging, and charting in a single UI.

A truly cross-platform web3 experience

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What frens say about us


"Enabling seamless DeFi swaps with any token and securing the best prices on Swoop (ex. MtopSwap) has been a fantastic experience. We're proud in empowering Swoop with effortless cross-chain swaps"

Sarthak Arora

Head of Integrations at LI.FI

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"Aggregators like Swoop (ex. MtopSwap) are paramount for DeFi and their presence is nothing but transformative, both for the end user and the platforms they work with, we're big fans of the new updates"

Guy P.

Head of Ecosystem Development at OpenOcean

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"KyberSwap takes pride in contributing to Swoop (ex. MtopSwap)'s growth and providing a good trading experience for its users. We are excited to witness Swoop’s continued growth, and we look forward to further collaboration."

Sasha Mai

Head of Business Development at KyberSwap